a change of career? – I don’t think so!

Today I became a washing machine repair(wo)man!  About a week ago the door fell of my 13 year old washing machine! Well you can imagine how I felt about that! A week before school starts and running out of smalls (well large in my case)!  First panic was where am I going to find the money for a new machine – and then my brain kicked in and I went online and ordered a new door hinge.  That was all last Friday. It finally arrived today.



I used various kitchen implements – oh and a screwdriver and got the hinge on.  The only problem is that where the hinge attaches to the machine with two screws it doesn’t anymore.  Where those two screws screwed into it doesn’t exist anymore and their are only two holes!  I’m now doing the washing in the machine with a broom wedged against the door and the wall!  

Well at least i’ll have clean knickers tomorrow!

On another note – I love this view of the front entrance to Friends School.



Weight-watchers Wednesday



Wednesday is my day off.  Wednesdays are for weightwatchers, starbucks and me.  I love Wednesdays. Wednesday was especially good this week as my 10 1/2 year old Shelby, of whom you will hear lots, returned to school after two months summer holidays.  She is now in year 6 and very proud to be the oldest pupil in the Junior School.  Someone please tell me how, when I blinked, 10 1/2 years went by!

Now the purpose of this blog is actually going to be to showcase the items I make for sale in my (soon to be created) etsy shop.  The focus (I think) will be on knitted handbags – to which I’m addicted to making, and either knitted or machine sewn home wares, such as cushions etc.  Of course in order to get CherryCrafts up and running I am going to have to knuckle down and make some samples!

Procrastination being my middle name – I shall first check out facebook…..

Image and my book!

By the way – I’ve yet to discover how to preview a blog post on WordPress – so this may be a disaster!